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1. What is a SCIP panel? How is it made? What is it made of? Answer


.2. How are SCIP panels used? Answer


3. What choices of  panels are available in the market today? Answer


4. What core density and steel mesh styles are available? Answer


5. How does SCIP panels compare in cost to other building systems? Answer


6. What code's do SCIP panels conform with? Answer


7. What is the insulation (R) Value factors for a SCIP panel? Answer


8. What about thermal value heat loss? Answer


9. What is the (S.T.C.) Sound Transmission Coefficient? Answer


10. What is the fire rating of a SCIP panel? Answer


11. How is a SCIP panel secured into the slab? Answer


12. How is a bond beam made with a panel? Answer


13. How is the electrical and plumbing installed? Answer


14. How are windows and doors installed? Answer


15. How do you build curved or radius walls with the panels? Answer

16. How do SCIP panels hold up under adverse conditions of Hurricanes,

Tornadoes, Earthquakes and Fires? Answer

17. What is the wind load capacity of a SCIP panel? Answer


18. What are the load bearing capabilities of  a SCIP panel? Answer


19. How are various shotcrete or cements applied? Answer


20. Is the polystyrene waterproof? Is the foam waterproof? Answer

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