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“The size of the national green building market has expanded five-fold over the last three years, and is projected to triple again in the next five years, reaching $96-$140 billion.”

- A recent report from McGraw Hill Construction




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The Company

Ecotech Builders, Inc. (ETB) is a California Corporation formed in 2005 as a Development & Construction company. At its inception, ETB created an affordable economic building model for low-income housing utilizing SCIPs as its core building material and other state-of-the-art “Green” technologies.

Currently, ETB builds all types of residential and commercial construction that include the following “Green” technologies; Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Water and other sustainable power sources and products. ETB brings together designers, architects,
engineers, trainers and builders to join their SCIP’s team of experts on a project basis to achieve the most energy efficient net-zero structures available today.

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While ETB continues its initial objective of building affordable-expandable low-income housing,
and providing superior “Green” products and services nationally and internationally, it is
expanding into five areas of primary concentration.

1) Research & Planning 2) Design 3) Manufacturing 4) Training 5) Building

Research and Planning

  To continue researching state-of-the-art “Green” technologies and identify the best products globally. Conduct testing to prove energy efficiencies. Pre-plan to utilize these proven products and services in all ETB construction projects.



Objective: ETB believes living and working spaces should be designed to fulfill the basic needs
of people such as: Safety, health, comfort and enhanced quality of life while still protecting our ecological environment, obtain Net-Zero Energy Efficiency and be affordable. Our innovative designers, architects, and engineers are dedicated to creating plans that utilize the economy
and ecology of new “Green” building systems, techniques and methodology in their designs.

Ecotech Builders, Inc.'s corporate culture, mission, philosophy and vision evolved from 30 years of personal experience and research by its founder Ron Gaiser, his business and motivational training skills, his concern for humanity and the environment as well as two books by Paul Hawken, The Ecology of Commerce and, Natural Capitalism.

Ecotech Builders, Inc. designs esthetically pleasing ecologically sound structures while creating an economical building model that is win-win for customers, the environment and the planet we live on.

The Ecology of Commerce & natural Capitalism


Tankless Water Heater

1)  Radical Resource Productivity (RRP) = use resources more effectively by

obtaining the same amount of utility or work from a product or process while using less material and energy.

web 2)  Biomimicry (BIM) = imitate biological and ecosystem processes replicating natural methods of production and engineering from nature.
Truck 3)  Service and Flow Economy (SFE) = minimize material use and waste while maximizing product durability. Being attuned to what customers want, the environment deserves, labor needs, and the economy can support.
Save the Trees
4)  Investing in Natural Capital  (NC) = life supporting services from living systems and our natural resources on the planet must be maintained and increased for future population growth. As an example: the preservation of trees.


By providing superior ‘Green’ building products and services to the world based on the needs of people rather than business, the results anticipated are; increased productive human resources, reduced energy waste and environmental harm to the planet, ‘Green’ technical innovation, economic growth, increased employment, creation of natural wealth and investor profits.

“ Interest in Green Homes has increased dramatically in the past few years”

Edward Mazria, Febuary 26, 2009 – before the Senate Committee for Building Energy Efficiency, testifying on reducing energy consumption in the United States.

Ecotech Builders Inc.

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